TP115-201 VGA to Cat5 Transmitter with Stereo Audio

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The TP115-201 Transmitter and TP115-202 Receiver combination provides a means of transmitting video (computer or component), stereo audio (analog or digital), RS-232, and IR signals over a single Twisted Pair-type (CAT-5) cable. Both units are compact and easy to use allowing for installation into areas behind desks, displays, etc. with limited free space available.


The transmitter provides buffered local outputs for both video and audio with the local video and audio output in the same format as the input. When a local monitor is connected, the TP115-201 passes the EDID data from the monitor to the computer video source; otherwise ALTINEX’s built-in EDID data is passed to the video source. The TP115-201 and TP115-202 support analog audio with RGBHV video and optical/digital audio withYPbPr video. The TP115-202 Receiver accepts the twisted pair signal from the transmitter and decodes the video, audio, and control signals for output to a projector, display, amplifier, speakers, etc.
The transmitter has a 15-pin HD female connector for video input (RGBHV or YPbPr) and a 3.5 mm optical mini jack for audio input; local outputs use a 15-pin HD female connector and 3.5 mm optical mini jack. The female RJ-45 main output provides the main drive to the twisted pair cable which is accepted on the receiver’s female RJ-45 main input connector. The receiver also has a 15-pin HD female connector for video output (RGBHVor YPbPr) and a 3.5 mm optical mini jack for audio output.
These latest generation devices allow IR or RS-232 data to be transmitted in either direction. RS-232 data transmission requires the construction of a simple 3 conductor cable. IR transmission requires the purchase of an optional IR Receiver and IR Emitter which both connect to the control terminal block connector. IR output is output on a 38 kHz carrier wave. The units can be configured to transmit IR and RS-232 data, but cannot transmit both at the same time. All connections to the transmitter and receiver and made using a terminal block connector with captive screws (included). Note that if significant amount of IR or RS-232 data is transmitted or repeatedly transmitted there may be temporary “glitches” or “muting” in the audio output.
The transmitter and receiver have LED indicators for power, EDID source (transmitter only), signal type, and IR/RS-232 line activity. On both units, the ALTINEX logo illuminates when power is applied, the ACT light flashes when there is activity on the IR/RS-232 lines, and the signal type LED changes color depending on whether the video source is RGBHV or Component Video. If no video source is present the LED is off.
The latest generation of Twisted Pair devices uses an innovative, patented technology* developed by ALTINEX. The new signal processing technology allows transmitting and receiving fully equalized computer video signals, stereo, and audio signals over long distances.

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