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Williams Sound

Williams Sound is a manufacturer of hearing assistance technology and has been providing quality products and service to customers worldwide for 26 years. The Williams Sound Corporation provides Assistive Listening Devices, Large Area Listening Systems, and Listening Accessories to churches and other groups where hearing assistance is needed. Their Personal FM® Listening Systems and Hearing Helper® Tour Guide Systems help people in large groups hear better.

Featured Product
The Williams Sound PPA 377 Personal PA FM Listening System ensures people in your facility receive direct, clear communication of your message. It offers a push-button menu control which makes the system easy to set up and use. The system is expandable, accommodating any number of listeners. Th...
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Williams Sound NKL 001 Neckloop
Neck loop for amplified hearing with a hearing aid....

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Williams Sound EAR 041 Mini Isolation Earbud
The EAR 041 Mini Earbud works with all Williams Sound products. Designed for Digiwave systems...

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Williams Sound ANT 032 Rubber Duckie Antenna for T800 Transmitter
The Williams Sound ANT 032 is an 863 MHz rubber duckie antenna designed to enhance the transmission signal of the Williams Sound T800 Transmitter. ...

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Williams Sound EAR 013T Single Mini Earphone with Flexible Eartip
The Williams Sound EAR013T Single Mini Earphone with Flexible Eartip is excellent to use with assisted listening devices. Great for use in high-noise environments. ...

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Williams Sound BAT AP97A Rechargeable NiMH Battery for WIR RX238 & WIR RX16 Receiver
The Williams Sound BAT AP97a is a rechargeable battery pack made for use with the Williams Sound WIR 238 and the WIR RX16 Receiver....

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Williams Sound HED 008 Hearing Protector Headphone
The Williams Sound HED 008 is a hearing protector for your headphones. Great to use while in a noisy environment the HED 008 blocks up to 24 dB and lets you get the sound you want when you want. ...

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Williams Sound CHG 1012 PRO Digi-wave 12-bay Charger with case
The Williams Sound Chg 1012 Pro conveniently stores and charges up to 12 Williams Sound Digi-Wave™ DLT-100 transceivers over the course of a 5 hour time span. Ideal for multiple-transceiver appli...

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Williams Sound ANT 024 PPA Wall-Mount Dipole Antenna
The Williams Sound ANT-024 is a 75 Ohm wall-mount dipole antenna designed for use with Williams Sound Personal PA™ transmitters that operate between 72-76MHz, such as the PPA T27 or PPA T35 . ...

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Williams Sound TEL 040 Teletalker Enhanced Amplified Telephone
The Teletalker is specifically designed to improve speech understanding over the telephone....

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Williams Sound MIC 090 Mini Lapel Clip Microphone
Mini Lapel Clip Mic. 3.5 mm plug, 39” cord....

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